Denver Outlaws Academy

Denver Outlaws Academy


As the lone Major League Lacrosse team in the Western United States, the Denver Outlaws Lacrosse Club understands our role in growing the sport of lacrosse and giving young players the chance to enhance their lacrosse skills in a professional and fun environment.  Through our various programs, participants of all levels will receive top-level instruction and learn to live, act, and play like a pro! The Outlaws Academy is a fully-integrated training and development program for youth lacrosse players, ages 7 and up, with the sole purpose of cultivating lacrosse players.

The Outlaws Academy’s Player Development Programs will focus on training lacrosse players of all abilities in every aspect of the game. The Academy will strive to develop players by:

  • Providing top class coaching
  • Providing professional support staff
  • Focusing on player development that stresses individual growth by establishing and reaching goals
  • Creating a competitive and fun learning environment that prioritizes development over winning
  • Instilling values and life-skills that benefit players outside of lacrosse: teamwork, discipline, commitment
  • Developing lifelong passion for the sport of lacrosse and the Denver Outlaws


04/26 7:00PM EST @ Launch (W)  10 - 14 Recap
05/04 5:00PM EST vs Machine (W)  14 - 12 Recap
05/10 6:00PM EST @ Cannons (W)  9 - 10 Recap
05/17 9:00PM EST vs Rattlers (W)  14 - 8 Recap
05/30 9:30PM EST vs Hounds (W)  13 - 11 Recap
06/07 7:30PM EST @ Hounds (L)  18 - 15 Recap
06/14 9:00PM EST vs Lizards (W)  16 - 11 Recap
06/21 7:00PM EST vs Bayhawks (W)  9 - 6 Recap
06/29 1:00PM EST @ Rattlers (L)  19 - 14 Recap
07/04 9:00PM EST vs Cannons (L)  13 - 17 Recap
07/20 3:00PM EST vs Launch (W)  13 - 10 Recap
07/26 4:30PM EST @ Machine Buy Tickets More Info
07/31 7:30PM EST @ Bayhawks Buy Tickets More Info
08/09 5:30PM EST @ Lizards Buy Tickets More Info