Samantha Roman- Marketing Manager

Direct Line: 720-258-3623



Samantha manages and executes all marketing and advertising activities for Denver Outlaws Lacrosse. Additionally, she handles a variety of other responsibilities including publications, new media and social networking for the team.

Since college, Sam has worked in some capacity of marketing/PR for various companies, including Up with People and Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park. In her free time, Sam loves to travel, ski, hike and enjoy this beautiful state that she is so lucky to be a native of. She also enjoys attending sporting events and concerts, as well as movies, reading and enjoying Denver with her friends. She lives just outside of downtown with her fiance, Nathan, and their dog, Waffles.

Education:University of Colorado; B.S., Broadcast News

Where’s your hometown? Aurora/Littleton, CO

What do you like most about lacrosse?I love that it is a fast-paced, high-scoring game. I also like that on the professional level, the athletes are so accessible to the fans.

What is your favorite food? Cheese, except bleu cheese!

What is your favorite movie? The Princess Bride

What is your favorite book? Any book by Jen Lancaster

What’s one thing most people would not know about you? I have an irrational fear of kitchen sponges.

Do you have any hidden talents? I am a freakishly fast reader.

Where would you like to take a two-week all-expenses-paid vacation? Thailand

What celebrity would you most like to meet? Justin Timberlake

Favorite sports teams? Denver Broncos, CU Buffs and of course, the Denver Outlaws

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